What we do?

EEWA is a network-based non-profit organization, which aims to improve horse and equine welfare in Europe and raises awareness about European equine welfare problems.

EEWA’s core principles are transparency, measurability, and sustainability.

Equine welfare problems have to be approached on several levels in order to make a sustainable long-term change for equines in Europe. Our network-based approach helps us to get the most comprehensive knowledge about the state specific and local issues. 

Our long-term goals include  legislation for horses, increasing science-based knowledge about horses and helping to apply this knowledge in practice.

Why we do it?

Horses in many European countries suffer from insufficient legislation and lack of care and knowledge. The most common problems that result from the legislative problems are starvation cases, poorly controlled birth rates, neglect, and general lack of care and protection for horses.

 In some European countries horses are used in bullfighting, unethically arranged tourism and sports that are dangerous for horses.  Many countries especially in the Eastern and Southern parts of Europe don’t have sufficient public system for tackling the problems.

This is why private driven rescue organizations in these countries are needed, but they continuously lack both material and financial resources. 

How we do it?

EEWA works through its network that consists of rescue organizations and experts who share the same value of wanting to improve the equine welfare situation in Europe. The main activities are:

Raising awareness 

 Supporting organizations that do operative rescue work.

Implementing healthcare projects in cooperation with rescue farms and public authorities.

Offering education.

Contributing to the work for better laws for equines in Europe.   

Fundraising by arranging equine welfare seminars, offering a chance to become EEWA’s supporting member, organizing fundraising events and selling products