Tieteellinen ja hevoslähtöinen näkökulma hevosen kanssa toimimiseen

English: A Science-based and horse friendly approach to working with horses (The first seminar will be held in Finnish.)

EEWA’s first seminar will take place on the 19th -20th October in Helsinki, at Maria01 Startup Hub’s event space.

The first seminar will be held in Finnish, but we will have seminars in English as well.

The topics of the seminar are here presented both in Finnish and in English so that you can get a picture of the themes that are important for us.


 Saturday 19th October, time 10.00-17.00.

Opening words: Shortly about EEWA.

Session 1:  Katariina Alongi: Tunteet hevosmaailmassa. (Emotions in the horse world.)

Session 2: Aino Koivukunnas: Tunnetilan rauhoittaminen ruokapalkkion avulla. (Calming down the emotional state of a horse with a food reward.)

Session 3: Kati Riesen: Eettinen hevosmiestaito. (Ethical horsemanship.) 


Sunday 20th October, time 10:00-17:00.

 Opening words: Shortly about EEWA.

 Session 1: Verna Vilppula: Hevonen, mikä se on? (What is a horse?)

Session 2: Heta Rautiainen: Kriittinen ajattelu hevosmaailmassa?(Critical thinking in the horse world.)

Session 3: Nina Laiho: Hevosen ja ihmisen välinen luottamus. (Trust between a human and a horse.)


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