EEWA works for the better future of equines

EEWA, European Equine Welfare Association, is a European animal welfare organization which focuses on tackling equine welfare problems and improving equine rights in Europe. EEWA’s mission is to spread awareness, influence attitudes and spark debate.

EEWA was founded by Elisa Seppo and Jasmin Niemelä in 2019. After working at a Portuguese horse rescue farm, Elisa and Jasmin became concerned about the welfare of horses in their home country Finland and all around the world. In order to help horses they decided to focus on Europe and create a network of experts, who share the same values. 

The objective of the European Equine Welfare Association is to increase respect for horses as sentient beings and to challenge archaic practices and attitudes towards horses. Today, equine research is continuing to provide new information about horses, but this information is not always reaching the people, who work with horses. EEWA believes that one of the most influential ways to improve equine welfare is to educate and share knowledge with carefully targeted campaigns.

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