EEWA’s new logo carries an important message of what really matters to a horse

EEWA’s activities have changed along the way, with an increasing emphasis on disseminating awareness, influencing attitudes and sparking debate. The main focus of EEWA’s activities remain in the intrinsic value of horses and the right to a species-specific life, well-being and ethical equitation.

To celebrate EEWA’s three-year journey fighting for a better Europe for horses, we have decided to update our logo design. The new logo is designed by Marjukka Savolainen and it carries an important message about the fundamental wellbeing of all equines. It highlights one of the most important needs of horses, which is the herd.

– The horse that previously posed alone in the logo has gotten some company. This is a small change, but it carries a significant message. The herd is a very important factor in the well-being of the horse and can’t ever be fully replaced by the company of humans or other animals. This is a statement on how a horse should be seen through its intrinsic value. It is worrying that many horses live without company of other equines, says Elisa Seppo, the president of EEWA.

Marjukka Savolainen, the art director of EEWA wanted to respect the previous design of the EEWA logo while adding company for the horse. The three horses focus their gaze to three directions: to the past, the present and the future.

– The three directions reflect the concept of change. You can always learn from the past, this moment offers an opportunity for change and there is always hope for the future, says Marjukka Savolainen.

The aim of EEWA’s work is to increase respect for the intrinsic value of horses, challenge current practices and make them more horse-driven. This winter EEWA is campaigning to spark a debate about the everyday violent treatment of horses.

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