EEWA’s Year 2021

We decided to take a moment to look back on what has been going on at EEWA year 2021 and share it with you.

In the spring we welcomed three new members to the EEWA’s board: Coach, writer and podcaster Katariina Alongi, senior designer Marjukka Savolainen and non-profit sector professional Sari Bernardo joined our team. With their skills and experience, we will be able to develop EEWA’s operations and work more efficiently on our mission to improve equine welfare in Europe. We are very excited and happy to have these three on our team!

In addition to having new members on our board, EEWA has succeeded in networking with other associations and experts. In 2021 we started a collaboration with SEY Animal Welfare Finland and photographer Sanna Kostamo. Sanna has pledged to donate 5% of the sales of her beautiful Wild & Free prints to EEWA.

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After the events that took place in Modern Pentathlon in the Olympic Games, fair treatment of horses has been a big topic worldwide. EEWA, along with many others, took a strong stand concerning the matter and luckily this led to action taken by the UIPM.  

However, violent actions towards horses is not only a problem in Modern Pentathlon. Every day horses are physically and mentally abused in training, riding and competing at stables all over the world. Archaic training methods and lack of knowledge lead to compromising situations in terms of animal welfare. We at EEWA believe that violent treatment of horses is a topic that needs to be discussed and addressed in the equestrian world. Therefore, our main project in 2021 focused on mapping the treatment of horses in Finland. The project received funding from Suoma-Viiala foundation to conduct a survey on the topic. With nearly 1400 responses the project team along with a group of expert advisers are now analysing the survey results, which will be published through a campaign in the spring of 2022. Finland was selected as the country for this study, since EEWA’s core team is located in Finland. In the future, this survey can be used to map the situation and attitudes in other European countries as well.

In addition to working on the survey and the related campaign, we have commented on topical events in the equine world, such as the horse meat transport. We have also been following the developments concerning the Pelos Equideos’ petition, which unfortunately wasn’t accepted by the Portuguese Parliament.

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EEWA has operated for three years and during this time many things have changed. In our first year of operation we were able to meet many people in our seminar and during our visits to rescue organisations in Portugal and Spain. During the pandemic, however, we have been forced to come up with new ways to work towards our mission. At the same time our focus has become clearer: spreading awareness and sharing knowledge is the best way for EEWA to impact and improve equine welfare in Europe. 

EEWA’s operations rely on volunteers who choose to use their time and expertise to make Europe a better place for equines. We highly appreciate everyone’s effort and want to thank you. This wouldn’t be possible without all of you – our team members, supporters, collaborative partners and followers! 

PS. We are looking forward to continuing to grow our network next year as well. If you are interested in working with us – collaborating, volunteering in a project, supporting our work, or maybe even joining our board – don’t hesitate to be in touch! You can reach us via our contact form or email info(a)

Elisa & Jasmin

Elisa Seppo

Founder & President

Jasmin Niemelä

Founder & Vice President

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  1. I watched your achievements, and the goals you set, I felt your disappointments, and heart aches, Feel the love that pours out of each of you, some day may all the horses live pain free, and be free

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